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Sudbury and Toppers Pizza: Better Together

Topper’s delivers great things for the community.
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The first Topper's Pizza restaurant, which opened in 1982 in Sudbury. Source:

Now a growing chain with locations across Ontario, the original location opened in 1982 as “Mr. Topper’s Pizza” in Sudbury by then owner, Ron Toppazzini. Today, there are eight locations in the Greater Sudbury area and a diverse menu that includes options for virtually every taste, Topper’s already tops the list for quality and variety. And today, Sudbury-area groups and individuals are benefiting from an entirely different sort of ‘goodness’ that Topper’s is serving up.  

On a community level, Topper’s Pizza is committed to giving back and supporting the neighbourhoods it serves. Topper’s delivers on this by supporting several local projects and initiatives such as the Raising Dough program that offers community groups the opportunity to sell ‘Pizza Cards’ and earn a three dollar donation for each large pizza sold directed toward the groups' fundraising efforts, and the School Nutrition program that brings more balance and moderation to traditional school Pizza Days.

Locally, Toppers Pizza has focused on helping groups and individuals that have been limited by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. One of these programs is Toppers’ commitment to supporting local Girl Guides by selling boxes of cookies at their pizzeria locations. The cookies sold for $5 a box, with no tax or markup. With the traditional door-to-door sales cancelled due to the threat of coronavirus, the Girl Guides were at risk of losing the proceeds from their annual fundraiser. With Topper’s help, they were able to sell approximately 9,500 boxes of cookies. Additionally, Topper’s supported the Feed Ontario program by donating $3 from every Family Pleaser meal sold to Sudbury-area food banks and to Feed Ontario, which helps food banks respond to the additional challenges brought about by Covid-19. Company-wide, over $20,000 has been raised through Toppers’ Feed Ontario initiative. During the festive seasons, Topper’s Pizza has partnered with United Way to support vulnerable families in the communities they operate.  Customers can add a donation to their order to help.

This commitment to supporting the neighbourhoods they serve can also be seen in Topper’s mandated response to Covid-19 procedures in the preparation, service and delivery of their products. These include:

  • Staff Training and Communication:  All locations are continually updated, and staff is trained to follow new policies and procedures
  • Sanitization and Hand Washing: Location staff ensure sanitization of all contact surfaces and entranceways; reinforced proper hand-washing procedures for all pizzeria staff; recommended sanitary procedures for delivery drivers
  • Social Distancing and PPE: Mandatory mask policies in place for staff and customers; limited numbers of customers on-site; eat-in dining areas closed; protective barriers and contactless payment at pickup; contactless deliveries with online payment options

Topper’s Pizza is committed to bringing family and friend together through the power of a great pizza experience and are dedicated to making a lasting difference in the communities where they live and work. To learn more about Topper’s charitable support,  fundraising opportunities and to find the location nearest you, visit