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Summer Musical Theatre Camp happening in Sudbury

Sudbury Performance Group offering summer musical theatre camps for children

Summer is just around the corner…isn’t it time to think about your child’s summer recreation schedule?

Sudbury Performance Group (SPG) is here to help. “We are once again offering summer camps for elementary school-aged children, Grades 1 to 8,” said SPG President, Mark Mannisto.

“These camps are so much fun for children,” enthused Mannisto. “These are musical theatre camps, and each session features a different musical. The children get a chance to learn the script and the music, design, construct, and paint the set, and help out with costumes. There is also outdoor playtime and of course lots of socializing with all of their camp friends.”

There are four, two-week sessions this summer. The first and third sessions are $260 and the second and fourth sessions are $285, to account for the two summer long weekends. The camp is held at the Ukrainian National Federation Hall on Frood Road in Sudbury.

“We are fortunate in that we attract really top-quality camp counsellors to our camps,” said Mannisto. “They generally have a lot of experience with theatre and are often student teachers as well. The children really enjoy being with them, and they all have a wonderful time putting the shows together.”

On the last day of each session, the musical theatre production is performed for friends and family. “We do a different musical for each session, so children can sign up for more than one session if they would like. We often have a child signed up for one, and then they love it so much, they sign up for the next one too,” said Mannisto.

SPG Summer Camps are wonderfully tailor-made for children who are interested in the theatre, but they are also perfect for children who might not be sure what they like. “I always tell parents, if the children show even just a little bit of interest, put them in, and see what they think,” said Mannisto. “I didn’t discover theatre until university, and now it’s my passion. I really wish I had had the opportunity to enjoy and explore it when I was younger.”

Each camp session is capped at 25 campers, so if you are at all interested, Mannisto urges you to sign up today. “Our camps are always full, so don’t delay. We would love to see your child at camp!”

For more information or to register for Sudbury Performance Group’s Summer Camps, go here.