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Top 5 free apps to boost a healthy lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes eating healthy and working out isn’t necessarily easy. Fortunately, there are hundreds of mobile apps designed to help you out.
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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes eating healthy and working out isn’t necessarily easy. Fortunately, there are hundreds of mobile apps designed to help you out. The downside is that wading through all of these apps is time-consuming. 

Let's face it: there are apps for everything these days; whether it's movie apps for streaming, online casino apps for slot machines, or loyalty apps to redeem grocery points. To save your time on looking for health apps, here we’ve compiled a list of the top five health apps that you can download today.


MyFitnessPal is one of the very best food tracking apps you’ll find. The mobile food diary includes a database of nutrition information data for literally millions of foods, which even includes meals at restaurants. You can set your own goals, and MyFitnessPal will break down how many calories and how much water you should intake on a daily basis. Whether your goal is to build muscle or lose weight, the app provides information on the food you’re eating. While you’ll better understand the types of food you’re consuming, the app also offers a degree of accountability to ensure you remain committed to your goals. There’s a reminder setting that means you’ll get notifications throughout the day and ensure you’re still tracking what you mean. You can even join in the chats in the forum for some added encouragement. And if you choose to dine out in Sudbury, just make sure you eat somewhere with a healthy option or two.


You may have an urge to work out with a personal trainer, but you don’t want to pay the extortionate fees. If so, FitPlan is for you. Now you can pretend you have your very own coach for a small percentage of the cost. The app provides step-by-step videos, starting from 20-minute to 90-minute videos from both athletes and professional trainers. You can choose from numerous programmes designed by superstars like Ron Gronkowski, Ryan Lochte, and A-Rod. You simply choose a plan based on either a trainer or your goals, such as weight loss, for example.


Sleep is vital when it comes to maintaining good health. If you’re failing to get sufficient sleep each night, you’ll find that your body struggles with healing and repairing blood and heart vessels, maintaining blood sugar levels, and balancing your hormones. And that’s only a few of the many issues. The best way to enjoy a good night’s rest is to know why you've been struggling in that area. The app tracks your sleep quality, in addition to your sleeping heart rate. It monitors your sleeping patterns while you’re sleeping, and notes such disruptions as sleep talking and snoring. Its most unique feature, however, is that it wakes you up in the morning when you’re in your lightest sleeping phase, which helps you to feel rested and ready to start your day.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles helps you to stay motivated as you’re simultaneously moving and contributing to a good cause. The app is free and enables you to donate to a charity of your choice. Using your GPS, the app tracks the exercises you do, whether you run, bike, or run. For every mile you complete, your charity of choice will receive 10c, which means your workouts will have double the impact than if you exercised without the app. Corporate sponsors provide the funds.


Fooducate makes it easier to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet. As the name of the app suggests, your goal is to learn about the food products you buy. You can scan more than 250,000 barcodes and see a customised nutrition guide, the products' pros and cons, and the healthiest options. You’ll learn things that food manufacturers don’t tend to inform you of by analysing food colourings, additives, GMOs, and more. You can also connect with other users of the app, along with health professionals, for support and advice.