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Trade and upgrade your car regardless of credit situation helps vehicle owners get the car they want

When purchasing a vehicle through finance or lease many consumers misunderstand their options for upgrading or refinancing.  Most believe that they are bound to the terms and conditions of their original contracts.

The truth is there are many options that may work for you when considering trading in or upgrading.

“The reason they don’t trade or upgrade is they just don’t know how to,” said Emilio Albi, co-owner of the multi-location web-based auto dealer. “The person who first sold them the car didn’t really educate them on the process of how everything works. They just wanted to sell them a car and be done with it.”

Albi said there are many myths associated with vehicle financing that hold people back from getting the vehicle they really want and not just the one they could afford at the time of purchase. People assume there are fines or penalties or have been rejected from financial institutions based on the financial situation they presented at the time they were seeking a loan.

“The truth is, once they get eight or 12 months down the road, there is the possibility to refinance,” said Albi, whose business caters to people whose credit score may have taken a hit or who are looking to improve their overall credit rating through vehicle purchase. “They could wind up with a lower rate on a vehicle upgrade. Maybe they needed a minivan but only qualified for a car. We can help people who are already financially committed to vehicle payments.”

Albi says the first step toward changing your current vehicle and the payments associated with it is simply connecting with

“Just reach out to us. Let’s talk and get some information. Let’s see what kind of car you have and what you want to get into. Let’s take a look at what your payments are and what your interest is. Let’s just have a conversation and see what the situation is. We’ll get the information and make an educated decision on the best step forward into a new vehicle and adjusted payments.”

Virtually anyone can be approved for a car purchase through as long as they make a minimum of $2,200 a month, have a valid drivers licence and can get insurance.

Albi suggests anyone currently involved in a financial arrangement involving a car purchase reach out to to discuss ways they get trade in their vehicle and get a new upgrade.

Start the process by visiting You can also find them on Facebook.