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VIDEO: Home design configurations and why building site topography matters with local realtor/builder Paul Corsi

In part 2 in of this 5-part series on new home construction, Paul Corsi highlights footings and design considerations considering the topography of the site.
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So, you’ve decided you want to build a new home from scratch. Where do you go from here?

In part 2 in of this 4-part series on new home construction in Sudbury, local licensed realtor and builder, Paul Corsi takes you though what you need to know when it comes to footings and the design of your home based on the topography of the site.  

View part one of Corsi's 5-part series, Selecting the Right Lot for Your New Build, here

Paul Corsi has over 20 years of custom home building experience, is a Registered Tarion Home Builder, Certified Engineering Technologist (C.E.T.) and is the Broker of Record with Corsi Realty in Sudbury. For more information visit, or email Paul directly at