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KANERVA, Ronald (Ron)

Kanerva, Ron

March 30, 1938 – October 7, 2020

Today is the anniversary of the day I lost you and for a time it felt as though my life had ended too.  It is surreal you are gone and I will never see you or laugh with you again.  
I have grieved your loss every day and the loss has taught me many things and now I face each day with hope and happy memories.  They tell me life’s a journey that will take many years.  
Your influence guides me and I always feel you near.  There are days I look for you with thoughts I would love to share.  What we shared will never die and it lives within my heart.  Your memory brings me comfort and strength.  
I struggle and wish you were near but most days I spend in gratitude that you were here.  
You left your blueprint in my mind, your handprint on my heart and your imprint on my soul.