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Cannabis legalization coming with an expectation of amnesty

Many are looking for minor drug possession charges to be expunged
Photo from The Canadian Press

The legalization of cannabis is calling into question how minor drug possession convictions are going to be dealt with.

Cannabis is set to be legalized in Canada on October 17.

Eugene Oscapella, a drug policy expert at the University of Ottawa said, "There was never any science behind legalizing cannabis. What we have done is impairing the lives of of hundreds of thousands of Canadians, for something that should have never been a crime in the first place."

He said prohibiting the drug does not work.

"It hasn't stopped people from using. It has made the use more dangerous then it otherwise would be." he told The Mike Farwell Show on 570 NEWS.

Oscapella said with legalization, those charged with minor drug possession should be pardoned. 

The issue that arises with the process of pardoning convictions is how they are imputed into the digital database.

Other reports have said that the drug in question is not usually named, making it more difficult to isolate and expunge charges for only cannabis possession. 


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