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Northern Ontario cities make up half of Top 20 most expensive places in province for home insurance

Lively comes in at seventh most expensive place to buy home insurance, says RATESDOTCA
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A recent report by a company which compares insurance rates from different providers says Greater Sudbury is one of the Top 20 most expensive cities in Ontario when it comes to buying coverage.

Northern Ontario cities make up about half of the Top 20 that have the most expensive home insurance costs according to a RATESDOTCA report released last week.

Lively (in Greater Sudbury) is seventh on the list, with an estimated cost for home insurance of $1,761, more than $400 higher than the provincial average of $1,342.

Garson (in Greater Sudbury) is ninth on the list, while Sudbury itself is 12th. 

Thunder Bay and Timmins are ranked fifth and sixth on the list, respectively, and Elliot Lake is 10th. Sault Ste. Marie lands at Number 15 on the list.

While location is one of the key factors that home insurance carriers consider when determining a premium, a high crime rate and increasing incidents of severe weather also account for why home insurance is more expensive in smaller cities throughout the province, said John Shmuel, managing editor of RATESDOTCA.

“Unfortunately, crime rates in Ontario are higher in smaller cities and rural regions, while also facing higher risks from climate change, such as forest fires, flooding and tornadoes,” said Shmuel. “Insurance carriers try to gauge what sort of a risk a home and its owner represent. Regardless of location, a home in a neighbourhood with a higher crime rate or one that has often been affected by severe weather represent a higher risk and the premiums will reflect it.”

Residents in 156 cities across Ontario pay premiums between $950 and $1,500 per year, with those in living in 50 cities paying between $1,500 and $2,000 in premiums.

The report shows many of the cities on the list with the least expensive home insurance costs are in, or close to, the Greater Toronto Area. Woodbridge takes the top spot for least expensive rates at an estimated $953.