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Singh says Trudeau ‘has failed workers’ on sick leave and child care

NDP party plan would include paid sick leave and $10-a-day childcare
(via Kelvin Gawley/BurnabyNow)
While celebrating Labour Day with workers, Jagmeet Singh announced his plan to help them get through the fourth wave and into the recovery. While the pandemic has exposed many of the ways Justin Trudeau has made it harder for the working class to get by, Singh’s plan will fix these problems and help working people care for their families.  

“For many working people, there has never been a meaningful option to stay home when sick, whether because their employer discouraged it or because they couldn’t afford it—and the pandemic only made it worse,” said Singh. “For a year and a half, while we fought for paid sick leave, Justin Trudeau refused to act and even fought against it.”  

For 18 months, while Canadians went to work sick and ended up in hospital or worse, Justin Trudeau refused to make sick days a reality. He even suggested it wasn’t possible. Still, Singh continued to call on Trudeau, at least 22 times, to implement mandatory paid sick leave to keep Canadians safe.

Now, after months of inaction and condescension, after other countries moved ahead, after introducing a failure of a plan and refusing to fix it, and continuing to leave people exposed to risk, Justin Trudeau is trying to convince working people they should believe, this time, he’ll do what he says. 

Singh promised to immediately implement ten days of paid sick leave for workers in federally regulated workplaces, and to fix the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit so more Canadians have access to paid leave when and how they need it. 

Today’s commitment is one piece of Singh’s plan to support workers. The plan addresses longstanding failures and includes:  

  • Universal child care for $10 a day; 
  • A $20 federal minimum wage; 
  • Changes to EI to cover more people; and 
  • Protections for pensions   

Read the full plan here

“Even before the pandemic, it was getting harder for working people to make ends meet and support their families,” said Singh. “My plan will create a Canada that supports the working class and works for everyone. New Democrats are with working people. It’s in our DNA. And we won’t stop fighting for you.”