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De Burger-Fex: It’s a pigeon invasion at Rockview Towers

Erna De Burger-Fex says bold pigeons are a frequent topic of conversation among her neighbours, but so are the friendly chipmunks
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Rockview Towers is an interesting place to live. We have numerous social gatherings every day, every week, every month. Many fun and interesting conversations break out constantly. We never know what the topic will be and of course, that changes as new people arrive to join the group.

Lately, pigeons have been an ongoing subject. There’s an excellent reason for this, I should say reasons, multiple reasons for that being the case. We are being annoyed by these bothersome birds several times daily.

They are so bold that even when we go outside on the balcony, they just sit and stare at us. Imagine! They don’t fly away. Using the broom to chase them will finally cause them to take off only to return several times later in the day. They have no shame! Their poop litters our balconies to the point where some residents have had to call professional cleaners to come. That costs money. 

In one corner of our balcony, we actually discovered the beginnings of a nest. Plastic stir sticks, branches, long grass, it was all there ready for Momma Pigeon to sit and produce eggs. Well, I soon got rid of that mess! Swept it all away and threw it in the garbage. That’s the last thing we need – baby pigeons! Many solutions to keep them away are discussed constantly, unendingly, I might even say ad nauseum.

Sitting down by our gardens is peaceful and restful. There are never any bugs. While pigeons are discussed there too, it’s the comical chipmunks that are the source of our amusement. Seeds are put on the low tables for them and they scurry over, fill their cheeks and disappear to wherever their winter storage place is located.

Chipmunks are brave, but not bold. They will actually eat out of a person’s hand. We all enjoy watching these little bright-eyed creatures. They are not a nuisance as those birds are. One particular chipmunk has a damaged tail and is missing one leg, none of which slows it down in the least.

Recently, a large gray cat dared to come to the gardens. It had tags so belonged to someone in the area. Our master gardener hated that cat as he feared it would eat the chipmunks and the pretty birds that come regularly to the birdfeeders. He chased it away, but as the song goes, “the cat came back.” He called the city hoping to get someone to come and capture that offending cat. Instead, he was informed to his chagrin, that if cats are wearing a tag they are free to roam wherever they wish. Wherever they wish? He was not happy! 

While he ranted about the unfairness of this, it was clear that there was nothing he could do about it. Next, he called the City of Toronto to discover that they had the same bylaw. More rants! By this time, the rest of us were nearly falling off our chairs laughing so hard.  He told everyone he came into contact with even the next day.

Thank goodness, for his sake, or the cat’s, we haven’t seen that feline for some weeks now so maybe it is bothering someone else. As long as it doesn’t return here, he doesn’t care.

Never a dull moment at Rockview Towers!

Erna de Burger-Fex is a writer and retired teacher who writes about aging and the funny side of getting older. Got a question for Erna? Email