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I Was Just Wondering: Is your snoring cute like mine?

Finn the Griffon is thinking about relaxation this morning and specifically about his snoring, which evidently people find cute. He wonders if you snore as adorably as he does
When Finn the Griffon can’t help but snore when he gets a snuggle, and he wonders who else out there saws logs when they’re super relaxed.

Do you snore? Well, I do. I snore the best and the loudest when I am sleeping on my back, cradled in the bend of Mom’s arm.

When I roll into this position, and as we chit-chat with visitors or watch television, I have no control over falling into a peaceful sleep and that’s when the snoring starts. At least that is what Mom tells me.

From what I understand, many are amused by my snoring and I am quite flattered that I am the centre of attention (even if I am asleep).

My mom snores, but she completely denies it. Not sure why that is.

So, I was just wondering, do you snore?

“I Was Just Wondering” is a Sunday feature on from Finn, a Brussels griffon breed of dog, and his “mom”, Jaana Pirnes. Come back next week to see what Finn is up to. Got a question for Finn? You can email him at