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The City of Greater Sudbury operates five indoor pools for the health and enjoyment of residents. Programs include swimming lessons, aquatics, recreational swimming, advanced leadership programs and more. Check this page to learn more about pool locations, schedules, fees and programs. Please visit this site often. We'll be adding information about programs and services, as it becomes available.

Pool Locations

Gatchell Pool

43 Irving Street
Sudbury, ON 
Phone: 705-688-3905

Howard Armstrong Recreation Centre

4040 Elmview Drive
Hanmer, ON
Phone: 705-688-3906

Nickel District Pool

1940 Hawthorne St.
Sudbury, ON
Phone: 705-688-3907

Onaping Falls Pool

2 Hillside Drive
Onaping, ON
Phone: 705-688-3908

R.G. Dow Pool

38 Market Street (Veterans Road)
Copper Cliff, ON
Phone: 705-688-3909

Swimming Lessons

Session Dates & Holiday Closures

Pool Enclosure Permit​



The City of Greater Sudbury’s comprehensive swimming programs offer something for everyone, including recreational swimming, registered programs, private lessons, aquatic leadership and speciality programs. We invite you to join us at one of our five municipally-owned pools. Register for one of our many aquatic programs and have a splash!

Please note that the City of Greater Sudbury is in affiliation with the Lifesaving Society. All swimming and leadership course content is derived from the worksheets put forward from The Lifesaving Society.

Pool Rentals

All pool rentals include two lifeguards. All pool rentals require evidence of insurance in accordance with the City's insurance policy.  Insurance may be purchased at any Citizen Service Centre.

Gatchell, R. G. Dow, Nickel District, Howard Armstrong Recreation Centre: per occasion - 50 minutes, $144.00

Onaping Pool: per occasion - 50 minutes, $74.00.

Pool Admission Policy

Admission standards for Public Pools have been developed by the Office of the Chief Coroner to assist in maintaining adequate surveillance over the whereabouts and activities of young bathers while they are inside the pool enclosure.  The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care strongly support these Standards for the purpose of preventing injuries and fatalities.  The following admission standards are enforced at all recreational swims.

All children 10 years and under, who are non swimmers, may not be admitted to the swimming pool unless they are accompanied by a parent or guardian who is at least 16 years of age and responsible for their direct supervision with arm's reach in the water.

The ratio of non swimmers to parent or guardian are:
•    6 years and under 2:1
•    7 to 10 years 4:1
•    7 to 10 year 5:1 (if lifejackets are worn by all non swimmers in their charge)

Children between the ages of 7-10 who are swimmers (pass the facility swim test) may be admitted to the swimming pool unaccompanied.  Parents/guardians must be present for the swim test. Children wearing personal floatation devices (water wings, lifejackets, etc.) must be under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian in the water at all times, and must remain in the shallow end within arm's length.

Swim Test Criteria

Front swim 30 metres and tread water for 1 minute.
Lifeguard must see an attempt at over arm recovery with a near horizontal body position for swim portion.  Treading water, a vertical body position, with head staying above water while staying in one place.
Lifeguards reserve the right to have any swimmer complete the test to determine the competency to use the deep end of the pool.

Children 11 years of age and older may swim without a parent or guardian but it is recommended to always swim with a buddy.  Safety comes first.