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Youth Centres

City of Greater Sudbury Youth Centres

Youth Drop-In Centres offer a variety of supervised activities for participants from pre-teen to 18 years of age. Centres offer a wide range of opportunities including: sports, billiards, video games, movie nights, chat time, guest presentations on current issues and much more. Internet access, homework assistance, peer mentoring and educational workshops are also offered. The sites connect youth with local community, encouraging vonlunteerism to make a difference in the neighbourhood. Centres pride themselves on being smoke, drug and alcohol-free venues for young people to interact in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Centres assist youth in developing positive friendships and growing up healthy.

Note: Participants are able to come and go to this program freely and are unsupervised once participants leave the program.

Youth Centre Benefits

Staff and volunteers working at Greater Sudbury youth centres express numerous benefits when discussing the advantages of drop-in facilities:

  • Increase physical fitness levels.

  • Provide youth with a voice as they are involved with the planning of activities.

  • Foster and promote the concept of civic engagement by helping youth get involved in the community.

  • Provide a non-judgmental place where youth feel safe.

  • Develop skills such as budgeting and fundraising through special event planning.

  • Recognize and celebrate youth achievements.

  • Increase employment opportunities by teaching résumé writing and interview skills.

  • Provide access to service agencies and referral services that youth may otherwise not have access to.

  • There are no barriers to entry. Centres don’t charge a registration fee, nor is there discrimination based on race, gender or economic status at youth centres.

City of Greater Sudbury Youth Centres are closed on all statutory holidays, Christmas and March breaks.