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Patient and Family Services

Lost and Found

Various items are often left behind at HSN by patients and visitors after a hospital stay or visit. All found items are stored in a lost and found at the hospital for a period of 80 days, at which time any items of value will be sent to charitable organizations. Clothing and other items not suitable will be discarded.

To inquire about a misplaced item, please contact Security at 523-7100, extension 3204 (or extension 5628 for the Sudbury Outpatient Centre).

French Language Services

The French Language Services Act recognizes the right to services in French in designated regions of the province. As a large public institution that is accountable to the communities we serve, which includes a large Francophone population, Health Sciences North is committed to achieving full French Language Services (FLS) designation.

Our corporate mission sets out a clear direction of delivering “high quality patient- and family-centered care, in both official languages”. It is important for the hospital to provide the French-speaking population with access in French to the full range of quality care and services being offered. This includes access to French-speaking health care professionals, as well as providing all educational materials in both official languages to ensure that the patient is better informed of the type of care they receive while in hospital.

Health Sciences North obtained partial designation under the French Language Services Act in 2001 and continues to implement its FLS plan until a complete designation of all patient care services is achieved. In achieving the goal of complete designation, it is important to engage the French-speaking community in two-way dialogue to identify required needs and existing gaps. One of the ways the hospital is doing this is through the Francophone Advisory Committee (FAC), which allows a better flow of communication between the community and Health Sciences North. The goal of the committee is to make recommendations to the hospital’s President and CEO on the provision of FLS at the hospital and provide a forum for open communication.

Since the amalgamation of the three former Sudbury hospitals in 1997, Health Sciences North has been committed to providing quality patient services in both official languages.

If you wish to receive your services in French but they have not been offered to you, please let your care provider know that you prefer to communicate in French. Health Sciences North staff will be happy to make every effort to provide this service. If you are not satisfied with the level of services in French that you have received, please contact our Patient Representative.

Hospitalist Services

The Hospitalist Program is a service made available to those patients who either do not have a family physician, or whose family physician does not have admitting privileges at the hospital. The hospitalist physician or nurse practitioner will see these patients on the first day of admission to their day of discharge.

Spiritual and Religious Care

Hospitalization and/or crisis situations present many challenges to the emotional and spiritual well being of patients, family members and friends. It is frequently a time of reflecting on one's life experiences and individuals are confronted with spiritual issues around the meaning of life, suffering and death.

A team of theologically and clinically trained Chaplains is available to respond to the spiritual and religious needs of patients, families and friends. Spiritual and religious care is provided within a multifaith, multicultural context and assists individuals in discovering and deepening their spirituality.

Spirituality speaks of relationship and seeks an answer to the question: how do I relate to myself, to other persons, to the ultimate meaning of life? The Chaplain's role is to assist individuals in finding these answers so that they can better cope with the illnesses, traumas, losses and life transitions they may be experiencing.

Community clergy, faith leaders and laity complement the work of the Chaplains and clergy are encouraged to visit members of their faith community regularly. Requests for clergy visits of any denomination or spiritual tradition can be made through the nursing staff or Unit Chaplain.

Designated Sacred Spaces are open to all patients and visitors 24 hours a day for personal prayer or quiet reflection. Information regarding regularly scheduled Worship Services and sacramental needs can be obtained through the unit Chaplain or by calling 523-7100, ext. 5060.

Sacred Space Locations

Ramsey Lake Health Centre: Oasis Chapel Level 1 and the Medicine Lodge Main Floor
Sudbury Outpatient Centre: Main Floor
Kirkwood Place: Basement

Aboriginal Medicine Lodge

The Aboriginal Medicine Lodge located on Level 2 of the Centre Tower is unique in Canada. It incorporates culturally significant elements required for traditional healing and ceremonies, such as a fire pit and ventilation for smudging, a circular shape, incorporation of the four colours and seven grandfather posts, and space for traditional medicines and healers. The Medicine Lodge is designed to be respectful of the traditions and spiritual requirements of the Aboriginal patient population.