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Palladino Auto Group

Palladino Auto Group is recognized as a Community Leader through their investment in expanding local news coverage. Thanks to their participation in the Community Leaders Program we are able to enhance areas of content in Sudbury that were underserved in the past. Palladino Auto Group proudly supports Pursuit and the inspiring stories related to the world of local sports and the people involved in them.


The Palladino name established in the automotive industry over 50 years ago and continues to be very reputable and well-known for quality, superior customer service, and community engagement. The organization today has advanced drastically from the original version, but our core values and traditions have stood the test of time: dedication to exemplary service, a loyal team of committed staff, and a forward-thinking vision.

Vip Palladino, the company’s founder, began his automotive career as a young man, eventually had three used vehicle locations in Sudbury – collectively named “Vip’s Car Land”. Following the success of the Honda Civic in the early 1970’s, Vip decided to get involved in the import market, and after being blown away by a five-minute test drive of the new Honda Civic, opened the place where it all began – Palladino Honda (formerly Palladino Motors). Palladino Honda continues to stand as a leader in providing quality service to Northern Ontario, and is only expanding.

Under the guidance of his father Vip, Vince Palladino became the General Manager in 1998 and shortly after, in the year 2000, became the Dealer Principal while Vip Palladino retained the title of Vice President. Vince has made the Auto Group into the business it is today by keeping the values of his father at the center of the business.

Our dealerships:

Palladino Honda
Palladino Mazda
Mercedes-Benz of Sudbury
Palladino Subaru
Golden Mile Chrysler
Subaru of North Bay
Sudbury Boat & Canoe