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Sudbury Credit Union is a 100% local financial institution, offering products, services and advice for all of your banking needs.

​Our History

Sudbury Credit Union started as Copper Cliff Community Credit Union from the vision of 24 people who came together on September 13th, 1951. They believed that the people living in their neighbourhood deserved a financial institution that was about more than dollars and cents so they began with one simple value — ‘people helping people.’ This value has remained a constant throughout our history and resonates today as much as it did then.

As a community minded financial co-operative, Sudbury Credit Union is committed to the well-being of our employees, our members and our community. It is still about people helping people, but now we serve over 15,000 Sudburians extending from Levack to Minnow Lake, from the branch to the smartphone, from the small local community group to the large national charitable foundation and from the home business to the local limited company.

​We are truly community minded, just like you, and are proud to be a part of the fabric of Sudbury.

More Than Money

People and the community of Sudbury always come first. We keep our members’ dollars local – invested in the people, community and small businesses that make Sudbury what it is. Deposited money is invested as loans to members and helps to build our community. Profits are used to further support our community through donations to groups who work to better the lives of Sudbury residents. We are a financial institution for the people and community of Sudbury. Click here to learn more.

​Sudbury is Home

Each year we strive to give back 5% of our pre-tax profits as sponsorships and donations to the Sudbury community. We also volunteer our time and we, as a Sudbury institution, make every effort to support Sudbury businesses. Click here to learn more.

Beyond Banking

We go beyond banking. With us, you aren’t a customer or client, you’re a friend, member and owner. You’re a shareholder with a voice and an opportunity to be a part of a truly Sudbury institution. Click here to learn more.

Small Business Banking

When you trust your business banking to us, you get competitive rates and products, and a partner whose decision makers are in Sudbury, so we truly value your business and its place in our community. Click here to learn more.

Our People