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Maison McCulloch Hospice is a one-level, free standing, 27,000 square feet building which provides 20 rooms with beds and individual bathrooms for residents that would benefit from a palliative approach to care. The unique architecture provides a residence which looks and feels like home rather than an acute or long-term care facility, and provides individuals with privacy yet open access to common spaces to interact with other residents and service providers. There is office space for health care providers and administrative staff, as well as a dining room and common living area for residents and family members. The building is fully accessible and includes the requisite technology, equipment, and supplies to provide quality 24/7 palliative care.

The Hospice is situated on a 2-acre site at the St. Joseph’s Health Centre (SJHC) Village of Care on South Bay Road in Sudbury, thanks to a long-term sublease agreement between Maison McCulloch Hospice and SJHC. By being located within SJHC Village of Care, the Hospice takes advantage of a beautiful wooded site on the shores of Bethel Lake. Adjacent to Laurentian University and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, it complements the health sciences, social work, and gerontology disciplines already on campus, and also increases the training and research opportunities for students from a variety of faculties in the area of hospice palliative care.

The Hospice also creates skilled employment in a challenging area, providing over 60 health care jobs, including management and support staff. This project helps to stimulate growth and build health capacity in the Sudbury region through partnerships with numerous community organizations, including: Health Sciences North and the Northeast Cancer Centre, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, the North East Home and Community Care Support Services, the Sudbury-Manitoulin VON, Bayshore, post-secondary and secondary institutions, etc.

The Hospice is managed by an Executive Director who oversees all clinical staff & services, in consultation with a team of Hospice physicians. Dedicated administrative support and building maintenance personnel ensure the day-to-day operations.

The organization provides an integrated model of palliative care to its residents through a team-based approach to care delivery that includes physicians, nurses, personal support workers, supportive care associates, and volunteers. It brings family members, friends and healthcare professionals together as a caregiving team so residents can live their remaining days in dignity and comfort, surrounded by their loved ones.

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