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Sudbury Foundation and Excavation

Your foundation is the supportive and protective element that keeps your building intact and all occupants safe from external elements. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s invulnerable to harsh environmental conditions.

That’s why Sudbury Foundation & Excavation offers decades of experience in taking care of residential and commercial foundations, as well as all aspects connected to it in Northern Ontario!


Foundation Work

Don’t let anything compromise your foundation’s integrity. Our skilled team can help with a wide range of projects, from the formwork up to foundation repairs!

Related Expertise

Well versed in new construction, repairs and landscaping, you can benefit from our versatile expertise. Let us handle the excavation, drainage, and septic work for you!

Snow removal

Looking to save time and keep warm during winter? Sudbury Foundation & Ecavation offers reliable snow plowing services!

Providing a Functional Property Today, for Better Living Tomorrow

Your foundation, exterior drainage system, and septic tank play an integral role in protecting and maintaining your property. Without one or the other, you can run into costly problems and compromise your comfort. Even a simple snow removal service can do wonders for your land!

Committed to your complete satisfaction, our team is fully equipped to handle all your needs with a turnkey service.

  • Project Completion from A-Z
  • Multidisciplinary Experts at Your Service (including licensed plumbers)
  • Great Customer Service
  • Available 24/7
  • Lifetime Warranty

Our People