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Maggie Thomas Integrated Transformation

I am an advocate for active healthy lifestyles, and a lifelong learner.

I am a wife to Greg, and a mom to Brody and Lyla. I have been immensely fortunate over the past few years to have the mentorship of Katie Brauer, creator of The Yoga Professional.  Katie has helped me step into leadership as a yoga professional and share my knowledge and gifts with the world. She has equipped me with knowledge and life tools to live life with a heightened sense of awareness, curiosity and responsiveness.  These are the gifts and tools that I share with my students through yoga and life. 

I currently lead a 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training program, a professional development course for yoga teachers, I teach classes, workshops, private sessions and more. My vision is to inspire and lead people to be better versions of themselves within every aspect of life.  My teaching style integrates education of functional movement practices along with mindful awareness and connection that can be implemented into daily lifestyle activities for long lasting transformation. I work to empower the minds and bodies of my clients along a journey of transformation.