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Melbrook Martial Arts Camps


100 Brian McKee Lane
Sudbury, ON
P3B 0A1
Martial Arts Activities: Kick Boxing, Muay Thai
Age Group: Toddler/Pre-school 2-5 yrs, School-age 5-12 yrs, Teens 13-18 yrs, Adults 18+ yrs

We offer After School Camps, PA Day Camps, March Break Camps and Summer Camps. Our motto is to keep the children ACTIVE around the city...we don't just stay at the Academy all day! 

There is always a REGISTERED EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATOR on site. This is very important to us, and makes our program stand out from the rest!! We also have staff that are BILINGUAL. 

OUR SPACE ACCOMODATES EVERY KIND OF CHILD. We have an art/science room for those who are artsy or like experiments; a games room for lego and board game lovers; a dramatic play area for our little actors; quiet areas for our readers or for plain old alone time; a large gross motor area for the active kids that just don't stop; and a separate eating area, so they can eat when they are hungry.