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STOP Roofing is a family based Canadian company. We began installing metal roofing 22 years ago on a sub–contract basis through various steel roofing companies.

We were trained on the RARE premium steel roof 20 years ago … the same product that we are still using exclusively today! We have always found RARE’s non–fading ALL metal roofing system to be far superior and to have the Best Lifetime Warranty available in steel roofing. RARE’s metal roofing system has been tested in the wind⁄rain tunnels in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to withstand 200 km wind⁄rain and is proudly Canadian made.

STOP Roofing Inc. was opened 5 years ago, supplying customers with a premium lifetime metal roof with a product line of both metal shake and metal slate roofing systems that we are proud to offer! We also offer a Best in Industry 10 year Warranty on all of our Labour – something that our competitors do not!

Proven 100% maintenance free steel roof that have had no call backs for over 20 years! What other company do you know that can show you 20+ year old roofs that look like they were put on yesterday..? Nobody!

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