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We strive to develop, manufacture and market products that have a positive, smaller environmental footprint.

Leading Canadian environmental, boating, and government organizations continue to back these industry-leading products.

Considered among the leaders in the global environmental marine industry, AMA has an impressive track record of winning many industry awards.

Alex Milne Associates was formed in 1967 as a specialty chemical products group, to service industrial, marine, RV, military and aircraft accounts. The present owner Bill Milne bought the business in 1980 from his father Alex, the founder. Bill began to expand the business into environmental Natural Marine, Head-O-Matic and Enviro√Global, boat care products. Specialty industry leading "OccUsafe" Pneu-Lube, Polar Lube and Pneu-Green lubricants were also added. These products are manufactured in the Etobicoke, Ontario location.

When Zebra Mussels first arrived in North America, in 1989, AMA, with the assistance of the Ontario Government and leading laboratories, began developing environmentally safe cleanable Team Zebra products to help keep them out of cottage intake lines and off recreational boats. Subsequently the company has also developed a unique noWEEDmat product to economically stop prolific aquatic weed growth around cottage docks and swimming areas.

Today, AMA is considered one of the global leaders in non-toxic Natural Marine Foul-Release under-water coatings for, military, marine police,racing and recreational craft.

AMA now also manufacture and market the patented, water-based, Battery Equaliser, battery-life-extending and energy-saving technology for all lead acid batteries in Canada and offer this to other global markets.

With their vast network of retail and industrial distribution, they also represent world class manufacturers like Fortress Anchors, Lovett Marine (Vertglas), Polymeric Systems Inc (PSI) and others in the Canadian marketplace.

An exciting addition is an industry-leading line of equine products to help protect health and environment of horses, riders, trainers and arena staff.