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Our Story

YES Theatre was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization with charitable status in 2010. It was created out of a need for a place where emerging artists could come together and work in a professional setting. Our inaugural production of Hair was a huge success. Since then, we have become a staple in the Northern Ontario arts community. Our productions have been seen by over 50 thousands patrons, from Sudbury and areas beyond. YES has been a leader for innovative storytelling; creating a clear and inventive aesthetic that is signature to our work. In 2012 former Artistic Director of the Sudbury Theatre Centre, David Savoy said this about the company:

“ Your passion, vision, and drive, give me hope for the theatre’s survival.”

We are a group of immensely passionate, dedicated, professional artists, who love our home and wish to continue to see our arts community flourish for many years. We have utilized many different spaces in our community for site-specific theatre, including our 2015 production of American Idiot which took place in the old Grand Theatre, now a nightclub. We have been invested in the community through various events with many local charities and organizations. The company was built off a number of ideas. The first of which being that if you create an environment of love and support, the work will prosper. Secondly, that giving young people an opportunity to strive to achieve professional quality work will lead to that very thing. Finally, YES is a place for us to train together and learn from one another. The company consists of not just young artists but their families and local Sudburians. Since our inception, we have had over 200 artists on our stage and over 250 volunteers; all of whom respect the company and our community and are dedicated to bringing high-quality work, service, and entertainment to the Greater Sudbury community.


To merge the values and practices of professional and community theatre. We create Citizen Artists; those who
live, work and play in our community and believe in artistic connection. Our work provides a context to reinvent and heighten the impact and intention of the theatre as a central pillar of society; a place to edify, inspire and bring people together.


  • To create a legacy of artistic training for a radically inclusive future.

  • To support and develop Citizen Artists.

  • To become a leader in sustainable theatre creation.

  • To see the yes theatre form integrated into communities crossing borders to support the livelihood of our

  • To see Sudbury be home to the most celebrated musical theatre festival across the land.

Our Core Values


The theatre is a place for the community to gather, to be enlightened and to be changed for the better. Through our work we try to engage not just the artists and patrons but also their families, friends and surrounding networks. We collaborate with other local organizations to bring our work out into the community through a variety of annual events.

Citizen Artists

Through the merging of varying perspectives of artists ranging from high school students, to trained experienced professionals, (This includes people who are nurses, teachers, accountants by day and actors by night!), we arrive at a unique ecology of people on stage that is reflective of the community. Therefore the community is reflected in the audience.

With the goal of leveraging performance and arts based activities with a profound engagement with the community in which they practice their craft. This includes mentorship, education, and outreach. 

It is important for us to build opportunities for Northern Ontario artists to build sustainable artistic careers in their home community.  


Ensuring the creative process is one of sincere collaboration and openness is at the centre of our artistic practice. 


The pieces we choose demand a high level of energy and passion that has become signature to our work. We bring together like minded individuals who share a deep love of storytelling and musical theatre. 


Our company is rooted in deep familial connections. There is a communal love between everyone who contributes to the organization from all levels. 

Our People