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Can you get out? Sudbury's second escape room opens its doors

Sudbury Escape Rooms houses two rooms, one based on Dracula, while the other on Sherlock Holmes

Sudbury Escape Rooms celebrated its grand opening today, although it opened unofficially in August.

Located downtown at 83 Larch St. downtown, Sudbury Escape Rooms is the second escape room to hit Sudbury this summer, with Escape Artists having opened its doors in June.

"I'm really happy to see the growth and development that has taken place in our downtown core." said Ward 1 Counc. Mark Signoretti. "This new attraction will provide great entertainment to the residents of Greater Sudbury, and add vibrancy to our downtown core." 

For those who are unfamiliar with escape rooms, these attractions debuted in Japan and test a team of players to escape a locked room. Each room has their own specific theme where you have to solve different puzzles, riddles and brain challenge based around it.

"We always provide a unique experience, whether its your first time doing this, or if you're an escape room enthusiast," said Dustin Gennoe, co-owner of Sudbury Escape Rooms. "We try to make sure everybody within the spectrum gets the feeling they're thriving for."

The new downtown business currently houses two rooms, one inspired by Sherlock Holmes and the other by Dracula.

The Dracula theme is an entry level room with a 60-per-cent success rate, said Gennoe, while Baker Street Five is a more intermediate challenge with a 20-per-cent success rate.

More than 50 groups have already walked through its doors since its opening, totalling around 150 people.

"We haven't seen any fighting during them," he added. "Team moral seems to be better because of these challenges. It makes it a positive feeling.

"People really come together as team to over the obstacles and feel better about themselves afterwards."

You can book a visit through their site at The cost ranges from $27 a person to $30, depending on the room.

Happy escaping!


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