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Virtual Up Here mural walk: Check out their murals year-round!

Let writer Ella Jane Myers take you on a virtual tour of the nearly two dozen murals the Up Here festival has gifted the city and use our handy interactive map to find your way around
One of the first murals to grace a downtown building as part of Up Here was the You Are Beautiful mural created in 2013. (Supplied)

Worried you won’t make it out to Up Here 4 this weekend? 

You’re in luck: music is just half of what makes it so great, the other half, their murals, are accessible year round (for the most part) and it’s easy to take a self-guided tour of them with a little help from this guide, or the festival’s official app (also accessible year round!)

The urban music and art festival has made a name for itself far beyond Northern Ontario, drawing artists from as far away as France! It’s worth checking out some of the semi-permanent pieces that now call Sudbury their home, and make downtown (and beyond) a more vibrant place to be.

Here’s just a quick summary of what and who you can expect to see along the way.

You Are Beautiful

1. You Are Beautiful by We Live Up Here, August 2013
Durham Street above 113 Durham

One of the inaugural murals by the organizers behind Up Here - We Live Up Here - who also published a photo book of Sudbury.

Vous etes ici

2. Vous êtes ici by Alexandra Berens Firth, August 2015
Old Rock Roastery, 212 Minto Street

A nostalgic play on the “Ice” signs on convenience stores by a Sudbury artist.


3. Naturer by Alexandra Mackenzie, August 2015
Back of 84 Station, 84 Elgin Street

A bizarre, meltingly weird pink and chartreuse wonder by a Toronto artist.

Who's going to take the weight

4. Who’s going to take the weight? by Labrona and Gawd, August 2015
Alleyway next to 176 Larch Street

A rainbow of weirdly bulbous animals by two Montrealers.

Dear Sudbury

5. Dear Sudbury by Danielle Daniel, August 2015
Medina Lane, next to 115 Durham Street

A sweet portrait of a woman in antlers by a local Metis artist and author.

Walk Safe, Don't Slip

6. Walk Safe, Don’t Slip by Trevor Wheatley, August 2015
Municipal Parking Lot at Elgin and Larch

An eye catching safety notice that is highly relevant in winter.

Oma's Fables

7. Oma’s Fables by Troy Lovegates, August 2015
140 Durham Street, YMCA Entrance

A sweet piece inspired by the artist’s grandmother and her fairy tales.

This Too Will Change

8. This Too Will Change by We Live Up Here, October 2015
Old brewery, Alder Street

An optimistic message inspired by the building that’s always changing.

Had Me At Hello

9. Had Me At Hello by Nico Glaude, October 2015
Old brewery, Alder Street

An ode to hitting it off.

Stay Wild

10. Stay Wild by Tracy Bakery, August 2016
Memorial Park

A playful piece by a local illustrator and author that fits right in the park.

Helmut ou Une chanson douce

11. Helmut ou Une chanson douce by Ella & Pitr, August 2016
Roof of the Special Exhibits Hall, Science North

This one is hard to access - being on a roof - but the French artists pay homage to a Sudbury scientist with this important one.

Big Little Bro

12. Big Little Bro by Ella & Pitr, August 2016
100 Elm Street, next to tracks, across from McEwen School of Architecture 

An unsettling giant napping beside the busy railway.


13. Untitled by Ola Volo, August 2016
52 Elm, back wall of Mackey Building

This rich piece breathes new life onto the wall with it’s gold and blue tones and vibrant subject.

Krueger Krew

14. Krueger Krew by James Kirkpatrick, August 2016
73 Elm, above the building at the corner of Elm and Durham

An eclectic, contemporary piece overlooking downtown.

Queer the North

15. Queer the North by Kirsten McCrea, August 2016
54 Elgin, wall next to Zigs across from McEwen School of Architecture

A piece that looks like scraps of paper or fabric layered on each other stands out on the side of Zigs.


16. Togetherness by Neli Nenkova, August 2016
The Kingsway

This long, striking mural features two people, together, a metaphor for life up here and beyond.

The Blue Moose-composite

17. The Blue Moose by Hobz, August 2016
Old City Hall Lane next to Respect is Burning

A whimsical, cartoony character by a Parisian graffiti artist.

Under Ground

18. Under Ground by Jarus, August 2017
58 Lisgar, south facing wall

An ode to the first woman on the payroll at Inco by a Saskatoon artist.

Héron Bleu - Blue Heron

19. Héron Bleu / Blue Heron by Mique Michelle, August 2017

A striking blue heron stretches out along the road in this piece by a Field, Ont. muralist.

And the new murals being created this year.

20. New! by Johanna Westby, August 2018
193 Van Horne

21. New! by Ben Johnston, August 2018
96 Larch

22. New! by BirdO, August 2018
Behind the Grand Theatre

23. New! by Mariana LaFrance, August 2018
67 Elm 

Unfortunately, muralists PA System, who were to create a piece on a wall at 183 Cedar St., had to cancel due to a family emergency.

And, just to help you out, here's an interactive map to help guide you around.


Ella Jane Myers is a freelance writer in Greater Sudbury. She's fueled by good grub, old sci-fi and long walks with the dog. Visit her at


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