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Good morning, Nickel City! Here are stories to start your day

Happy Wednesday!
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Good morning, Greater Sudbury! Here are stories to start your day on this Wednesday morning.

Man in critical condition after shooting, HSN drop-off

A 22-year-old man from Southern Ontario is in critical condition at Health Sciences North after he sustained gunshot wounds and was “dropped off” at the Emergency Department by another man, who then left the scene. Police report that around 11:55 p.m. on Nov. 21,  officers were dispatched to Health Sciences North after a man who had sustained gunshot wounds was brought into the Emergency Department.  The man was dropped off by another man, who immediately left the scene. They arrived at the hospital in a red SUV. The injured man remains in critical condition with life-threatening injuries. Read the full story here.

Laurentian faculty says admin ‘must heed’ Ontario AG’s report

In the wake of the Ontario auditor general’s report on Laurentian University, the university’s faculty association is demanding LU senior leadership prioritize making the institution’s governance structures more transparent, accountable and democratic. A press release from the Laurentian University Faculty Association said as the investigation revealed, years of bad governance and secretive decision-making created the financial crisis that devastated Laurentian and the lives of so many who worked and studied at the institution. “The Auditor General’s report clearly shows that this crisis could have — and should have been avoided,” said LUFA President Fabrice Colin, in the press release.“There is simply no excuse for the Laurentian administration’s dubious and irresponsible decision-making, which has led to needless cuts and suffering. Students, staff, and faculty deserve better. We expect the Laurentian University administration to act swiftly on the recommendations in this report and ensure that faculty are meaningfully involved in building a more inclusive and democratic shared governance structure at Laurentian.” The report found that the Laurentian University administration created the financial chaos that destabilized the institution and then ignored other, better suited options for addressing the crisis, said the press release. Instead, the Auditor General found that a lack of proper governance oversight and transparency allowed senior administrators to do an end-run around the institution’s democratic structures and use the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) to fundamentally dismantle the university by cutting faculty positions and programs. Read the full story on's home page.

One in three Canadians has diabetes, or will develop diabetes

Between you, the reader – and me, the writer – and the editor who posted this story online, chances are one of us has diabetes. And that's why Diabetes Canada is working hard to bring attention to the fact that millions of Canadians now have or will soon be diagnosed with diabetes. As startling as the numbers sound, things are not getting better, according to Diabetes Canada, the organization that monitors the disease and advocates for support and solutions. "With 640 new cases daily, 26 hourly, or one every three minutes — it’s not slowing down. That is why Diabetes Canada is raising awareness around the impacts of this chronic condition, which affects 11.7-million Canadians (with prediabetes and diabetes) and costs the health-care system almost $50 million to treat every day," said the news release. The numbers are complex in that some six million Canadians are regarded as "pre-diabetic," meaning they have all the indicators and lifestyle pointing toward the eventual development of diabetes. Read the full story here.

Pursuit: Cambrian alum comes back for another kick at the ball

Her diploma in Dental Hygiene safely in hand, ready to tackle the workforce, St. Charles College graduate McKenna Cresswell celebrated the next step, striding proudly on to the stage of a Cambrian College convocation ceremony this past June. One small problem lingered, however. Her life-long love of soccer had not yet passed – and one could hardly blame her. During the three years of her program in Sudbury, Cresswell had enjoyed her rookie season with the Golden Shield women’s soccer team in 2019, though the team would fall short of making the playoffs. Her 2020 campaign would fall victim to the global pandemic, and even as the OCAA offered a partial varsity schedule in 2021, the Golden Shield were more or less on the sidelines, health restrictions in the north being what they were. Through it all, the 21-year-old product of both the Valley East Soccer Club (early on) and the Greater Sudbury Soccer Club (with coach Marilyn Bodson and company) a bit later had seen little if any drop in her off-field training, clinging to the hope of still more soccer. It was this mindset that led her to balance a full-time academic schedule, tackling five online electives with a daytime job and then throwing in several practices and games a week as a member of the 2022 Cambrian women’s soccer formation. Learn more here.

Safe Ride Home Sudbury is looking for volunteers

After a two-year hiatus due to COVID, Safe Ride Home Sudbury is again offering to get you home safely from holiday parties. As valuable and worthwhile as the service is, though, it needs volunteers to function. “We want to encourage everyone to volunteer and share in a unique and fun experience while making a difference in our community,” said Lesli Green, president of Safe Ride Home Sudbury. People can volunteer solo, with friends, and family or organize a group from their workplace.  Anyone interested in applying or looking for additional information can do so online at

Wednesday weather: 

Wednesday will be cloudy. Wind up to 15 km/h. High of plus 1 (the average for Nov. 23 in Sudbury is 0 C). Wind chill minus 8 in the morning. UV index 1 or low. Wednesday night will be cloudy with a low of -1 C.