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INSIDE THE VILLAGE: Across Ontario, more people than ever can't cover their bills

This week on the podcast: A new report says the number of Ontarians who can't pay their monthly bills has reached an all-time high: nearly two out of every five people. Do the dire stats have a silver lining?

Welcome back to Inside the Village, a one-of-a-kind podcast where all news is local — and no topic is off-limits.

On this week’s episode: Scraping by.

A new report from the insolvency firm MNP Ltd. says the number of Ontarians who can't cover their monthly bills has reached an all-time high: 38 per cent, or nearly two out of every five people. And more than half — 54 per cent — say they are $200 away or less from not being able to meet all their financial obligations.

Want more dire stats? Half of Ontarians (51 per cent) regret the amount of debt they've taken on, and more than two-thirds (69 per cent) say they will be in financial trouble if interest rates go up much further.

Is there reason for hope? Insolvency trustee David Gowling thinks so. He joins us to dissect the numbers.

Also on the podcast: Switched at birth 71 years ago. Two men from northern Ontario are suing Sault Area Hospital, alleging they were sent home with the wrong parents way back in 1952.

Hosted by Scott Sexsmith and Michael Friscolanti, the Editor-in-Chief of Village Media, Inside the Village is a news and current affairs podcast that provides a weekly window into some of the best local journalism from across our chain of Ontario newsrooms. Produced by Derek Turner, the program also explores bigger-picture issues that impact people across the province.

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