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INSIDE THE VILLAGE: This guitarist thought he broke his leg — but kept on playing

This week on the podcast: An Ontario musician went viral after falling on the stage in pain, but refusing to miss a beat. He tells us the full story behind his now-famous flat-on-his-back performance

Welcome back to Inside the Village, a one-of-a-kind podcast where all news is local — and no topic is off-limits.

On this week’s episode: An Ontario musician gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "the show must go on."

Mike Haggith, a Barrie-based singer, was in Sault Ste. Marie on July 13 to open the 100th anniversary of Rotaryfest, the city's signature summer festival. He prepared for weeks, knowing it was the perfect venue to launch his latest album.

What happened next went viral.

Just two songs into his set, Haggith suddenly fell to the ground in pain, convinced he had broken his leg. Did he stop playing? Absolutely not.

Flat on his back, Haggith kept strumming his guitar until the song ended. In fact, his bandmates thought it was all part of the show.

Taken away in an ambulance, Haggith soon learned he had dislocated his knee. Now back home in Barrie, he joins the podcast to tell the full story in his own words.

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