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Let’s eat! Tour Asia with Rose Apple and your taste buds will thank you

Rose Apple Asian Restaurant promises an eclectic, one-of-a-kind dining experience

Is it the diversity of dishes? Is it the range of flavours? A broad variety of ethnic foundations? Is it their hospitality? Well, of course, it is all of these elements … and more. Course after course deliver piquant pleasure. Rose Apple has been a perennial favourite.

Perhaps most ideal for take-out, the soups are hot, sour, sweet and spicy.  The “large” container option offers the choice of broth, noodles, and protein. Tom Yum is a traditional Thai soup made with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice, fish sauce, and crushed red chili peppers. Oh my, this can wake up your senses.

Who can say no to spring rolls? Limiting yourself to just one order is hard. The crispy exterior is more crunch than just a deep-fried vegetable coat. Watch for temperature extremes inside as it always surprises diners. Drizzle some of the honeyed sauce, and just find that zone where all in the world is good.

There are many other appetizers. Pork dumplings, Blossom Garden (like Crab Rangoon, but no crab, so a vegetarian possibility) are but two.  

As a fan of tempura, the take-out order had to include Japanese-style tempura vegetables. Battered and deep-fried it makes even the most difficult-to-love veggies delicious. The dipping sauce is salty, slightly piquant and compellingly delicious.

Fresh ingredients make a significant difference. So does a squeeze of lime. Mango salad is my kryptonite.  In every order, it is never neglected as a choice. Generous amounts of golden matchstick mango, shaved carrots, slivers of red onion, lettuce and Thai dressing’s sweet and sour tang is so enticing. 

Then there is Pad Thai. Pad Thai is a no-brainer as the go-to on the mains though sometimes beef, chicken, salmon or tofu teriyaki win out. As a pan-Asian menu you can also select Korean Stir-Fried Kim Chi or Grilled Shrimp & Vermicelli, or phở from Vietnamese cuisine. Oh, there is so much more. Go online and view the menu.

There is Chinese, too.  General Tao Chicken (stir-fried chicken, broccoli, onion, and bell peppers) and Sesame Chicken are crowd pleasers. The “Online Order” button makes it easy to create an eclectic blend of containers. Living just minutes away warming your plates may be a yes/no decision, however, a pre-heated surface to dish out onto almost gives you that dine-in experience. It lifts aromatics and allows you to slow your pace.  Isn’t that what it is all about?

“We have been here in Sudbury much more than 10 years, the relocation – formerly a sushi restaurant – gave us a bigger place to offer customers more of what they wanted. Of course, it is take-out only now,” says Pipat Sripimolphan, chef-owner. “We do sushi and platters … highly popular for pick-up. We are trying to be something different from everyone else.”

The Dynamite (Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado topped with sesame) and Red Dragon roll (same as earlier but with addition of salmon) have a real following. Up the game and select the deep-fried roll with salmon, avocado, white tuna, and crabmeat. They call it the ‘Rock n Roll’. 

“California, strawberry, and so many varieties are all popular,” Sripimolphan said. “We are so close to the Four Corners and being in the same small strip at D&A Meats … but it is our big sign by Paris Street that really catches people’s attention the first time. Then they come back.”

Regulars and repeat customers have been very supportive of all restaurants across the region during lock-down. 

“Super-loyal clients have been coming weekly all the time.  We even sometimes know their voices on the phone. Yes, you can call your order in.

“We were the first to deploy iPads at the table. It connected them right to the kitchen. The pictures were even more descriptive than words. Of course, that was when we could welcome guests to dine-in.”

Naturally, Fridays and Saturdays can be busy, but wait times are short. 

“My brother in-law, Mac, and all our staff work hard to create beautiful, flavourful, food that comes from here and travels to your house well.”

While we can’t wait for the end of this lockdown, picking up from Rose Apple is a wonderful option now and always.

Rose Apple Asian Cuisine Restaurant
1875 Paris
Check the website for hours of operation.
Closed Mondays.

Hugh Kruzel is a freelance writer and committed foodie in Greater Sudbury. Let’s Eat is made possible by our Community Leaders Program.