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Letter: Bus stop change at New Sudbury Centre irks rider with disability

Urges to have stop changed back to Shoppers Drug Mart location

On Nov. 26, transit riders got a notice the bus stop in front of Shoppers Drug Mart in the New Sudbury Centre would no longer be a bus stop as of Saturday, Dec. 7. 

That is very concerning for people living with disabilities. 

I’ve mentioned this frustration online to the city’s social media. The response I had was that the mall owner is the one that made this decision.

The city is trying to get more people living with disabilities to start taking more often the regular transit system instead of “GoVa Plus” AKA the old “Handi Transit.” 

Yet, what we’re seeing is the complete opposite, in discouraging GoVa Plus riders from taking the regular GoVa system. 

You’ve got people with disabilities specifically going to Shoppers Drug Mart for much-needed prescriptions. Now they may end up changing pharmacies because they can no longer get off a bus in front of Shoppers. 

You’ve also got transit riders with disabilities needing to make a connection from the 002 Barrydowne Cambrian. Other bus routes, especially the ones for the outskirts such as 102 Garson and 103 Coniston, now require riders to walk from Barrydowne to the far end of the mall where the sidewalks are not disability friendly once passed the old Sears entrance. 

I’m urging you, the New Sudbury Centre mall owner, to please reconsider reversing your decision. Please have the bus stop in front of Shoppers Drug Mart permanently made available. You’re presently just making life harder for people with disabilities. 

Charles Tossell