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Letter: A few fun facts about Terry Fox

The honorary chair of Sudbury’s Terry Fox Run shares a bit of trivia about the Canadian icon in advance of this Sunday’s annual event
typewriter pexels-caryn-938165 (From Pexels by Caryn)

The annual Terry Fox Run takes place this Sunday. Making charitable donations may be especially challenging right now with inflation (have you seen the price of bread and sugar lately!)  and, of course, there are so many great causes to support.

Yet, if you can donate $5 or $10, you will be helping to make Terry’s dream of having a cure for all cancers a reality.

Here are a few fun facts about Terry Fox:

  1. Terry met the prime minister during his Marathon of Hope.  And it was … Pierre Trudeau.
  2. Terry said the most memorable moment of his run was when he met his idol. That person was … Bobby Orr.
  3. Two NHL teams sent autographed sticks to Terry. One was the Vancouver Canucks (Terry was from B.C.) and the other was … the Montreal Canadiens.
  4. What sport did Terry play with his father soon after his amputation? … Golf
  5. And, how many kilometres did Terry run in training prior to starting his Marathon of Hope … 5,000 km.

There are few people whose lives have not been touched by cancer. Please consider donating or participating. You can do both here.

To participate, you can walk in your neighbourhood at your convenience, or join us at Bell Park Amphitheatre this Sunday. Registration is from 9:30-10:30 a.m., and our official start will be at 10:30 a.m.

Frances Summerhill 
Honorary Chairperson 
Terry Fox Run, Greater City of Sudbury