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Letter: An injured parent, a big family and a Christmas made sweet through amazing generosity

Joe Haddad's decades-old memory of a special Christmas will warm your heart
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My father and mother moved to Sudbury in the late '40s so that my father could find work in the mines. He was successful in doing so, and, although the budget was tight, we were doing OK. Until the day my father walked around the front of a city bus, and he was hit by a car. The damage to his hip was irreparable and he was not able to return to work.

After that, you could imagine my parents’ discomfort around the house at Christmas time. However, I have the most wonderful memories of Christmas. There were 10 of us plus mom and dad. Cars would pull up to our house and my father would hide out in his bedroom from shame. But we children watched with wide, bright eyes and excitement as strangers brought gifts, food and candy into our home, literally bringing the joy of Christmas with them.

I don’t remember ever really thanking all those that must have been involved, from teachers at school, neighbours and churches submitting our names to the Lions Clubs, Salvation Army and Barbershop Group, all who gave of their time to fundraise, buy and deliver our Christmas gifts.

I can’t go back to thank those special volunteers in the past, but I can thank the hundreds of Lions Club members and friends of Lions who donate their time to make the Lions Children’s Christmas Telethon a success.

The money raised from this event goes towards purchasing gifts for children in need, just like me at one time. Now, as a friend of the Lions, I have the privilege to deliver gifts to homes to brighten a child’s life.

Merry Christmas to all the volunteers who make our community a great place to live.  

Joe Haddad