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Letter: City needs to concentrate on winter

Reader says Greater Sudbury needs to get its priorities straight
Snow plow blade
(File photo)

While I understand we have had more than a normal snowfall, which clearly exceeded the city's expectations, I have to reiterate that in these times, amalgamation quite essentially is the root problem. I've always been on the fence with this subject.

When municipalities existed, you could walk down a sidewalk, get out of a driveway/lane way, and the streets were as clear as the original pavement after any snow storm, major or not. 

Let's fast forward to present. 

Regardless of budget, regardless of accumulation, this is ridiculous. Instead of looking at a transit system that still very few people understand, why don't we concentrate on winter, yet more importantly the safety of our roads. 

They need to be better throughout these storms. 

You, the city, are our one set of governance and are focusing on the wrong thing, amalgamation, or not. Do better in our “small towns” because we are still part of this city.

Sean Hattie