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Letter: 'Colourful eyesore' overlooking Lake Ramsey needs to go, says reader

The municipality needs to remove this eyesore and restore the beauty of our city
The old St. Joseph's Hospital transformed into a riot of colour by Los Angeles-based artist RISK. (Keira Ferguson /

When the former St. Joseph Hospital on Paris Street was sold to a developer, there was a lot of controversy about the sale.  

Many believed the site should be demolished and that the land be turned over to Bell Park. The developer decided the building would become condos. Many Sudburians put in their names to become condo owners. In the beginning, there was some work done to renew the site, but the work to convert the building into condos stopped several years ago.

For several years, the abandoned hospital stood like a big eyesore with broken windows and with graffiti. This past summer, a decision was made to make the site the largest mural in the world. Upon completion of the painting, the largest mural in the world became the most colourful eyesore in the world. Today, it is even more of an eyesore as the colours have begun to run into each other. 

Sudbury is a beautiful city of lakes. Unfortunately, the jewel in the crown, Lake Ramsey, is tarnished because this colourful eyesore overlooks it .

It is time for the municipal government to do something to remove this eyesore and to restore the beauty of our city.

Clare Ann Greco