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Letter: Isn’t it time to outlaw personal watercraft on Ramsey?

Incident near Bell Park prompts call for a ban
Ramsey Lake

Here in the City of Lakes, one that has won awards for its efforts to repair the environment, I witnessed behaviour on Ramsey Lake near Bell Park that should be banned in a community that brags about its quality of life.

A middle-aged man rammed across the lake in a personal watercraft vehicle — you know a snowmobile on skis — for 20 minutes. He disturbed the peace of the people enjoying the park, and worse, took delight in scaring the geese and goslings in the area.

Many people and wildlife — to say nothing of the impact on the shoreline and water quality — were affected negatively for one person to have a joy ride.

These one-person floating motorcycles should be banned in Ramsey Lake for the benefit of all. I urge people to contact the city officials and their councillors if they agree.

Vicki Gilhula
Greater Sudbury