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Letter: Landlord in Sudbury seeks a system that is fair for everyone

It's the little guys who get wiped out by the current system

I’d like to voice my opinion on the landlord and tenant law and how tilted it is and in favour of the tenant.

I started as a landlord in 2016. I purchased my first house and decided that's what I wanted to do. I’ve worked hard and saved every dollar I could to purchase more.

Today, I own three properties and have five units total, consisting of three apartments, one semi and a single family home. I am 30 years old. I work my job during the week, and I spend most of my weekends working on my properties.

I’ve only been the victims of one bad renter, but it terrifies me to know I could lose everything I worked for in the last seven years because of one tenant. I hear stories of people's properties getting destroyed and they have to endure the tenant for months.

The system isn’t designed for small landlords like us. The big corporations can endure the hardships. It’s the little guy who is just trying to get ahead who gets wiped out.

This could easily happen to me, and it's unsettling. I’ve had a tenant who just didn’t pay their rent and it costs literally thousands of dollars. I even have a court order for them to pay, but I’ll never see that money.

The system is flawed and needs to be adjusted. I can’t afford on one salary to support my family and some other family. But that's what the system is forcing us to do.

All I want is balance. A system that is fair for everyone.

Kyle Jones