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Letter: Thanks for the quick response, City of Greater Sudbury

Stolen planters were quickly replaced after a call to 311
typewriter pexels-min-an-1448709 (From Pexels by Min An)

Editor's note: this letter to the editor was written with the assumption it was City of Greater Sudbury staff who planted and replaced the flowers. It was, in fact, the Azilda Community Action Network. You can read more about their work, and the work of Carole Boileau by clicking here.

I reside in Azilda and noticed one morning the planters in front of the bus shelters along Notre Dame Street were filled with flowers recently planted by Parks and Recreation. 

Flags were also on display. I remember thinking how well done it was and it made me smile.  The city also prepares these in the winter with a festive display. Within a week I noticed that the flowers were all removed, including the soil. It was obvious someone took them to plant in their yard, including the flags.

I contacted the city and spoke to customer service and the very next day these planters were filled once again, including the flags in time for Canada Day. I never expected the planters to be redone so quickly.

I found the service rep who answered the call was very professional. I wanted to compliment the city for the quick response and for caring enough to redo the planters for everyone to enjoy.

As to the person or persons who stole the flowers, really?

Christine Venturi