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Letter: The Laurentian greenspace must be protected

Concerned citizen says worries the jewel that is the university’s greenspace must remain pristine
typewriter pexels-cottonbro-3945337 (From Pexels by Cottonbro)

As a child, I remember venturing off into the Laurentian University greenspace area with the other neighbourhood kids and just having a great sense of freedom with being in nature. 

My best friend, who lived down the street from me, and I have many fond memories of the bush. For example, spending days during summer break plunging an empty peanut butter jar in the pond gazing inside to see what insects we would see swimming inside. 

Moving back to Sudbury after being away for most of my adult life, I’ve heard about plans to develop this area, and as a concerned citizen, I feel compelled to express my opinion through a letter to the editor. 

The LU greenspace area provides a sanctuary for wildlife and a space for all people to connect with nature. The LU conservatory is so easily accessible for the people that are in the metro area and who would prefer to not have to drive far away to escape the hustle and bustle of our modern lives. 

The proposed development plans would not only destroy this unique area, but also rob future generations of the joy and connection to the Sudbury area that I experienced in my childhood. 

When out of towners ask what else to do in Sudbury, the LU greenspace is what I recommend to connect with our natural landscape. We ought to remember what the city's landscape used to look like. 

Keeping an area like the LU greenspace free from development is a perfect municipal blueprint to show the world that we’ve evolved and can connect with our natural surroundings better than we once did.

Scott MacKay
Greater Sudbury