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Student says it's time to take action against climate change

The government needs to understand global warming and its risks
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I am a student here in the city of Sudbury, and I have come to notice that climate change is a very serious issue. 

As a future voter, I have to say that if I saw initiative in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, I would vote for whichever party made that move. 

It's extremely important to keep our country healthy and our world safe. With so little time left to stop global warming, we need to do something big, and we need to do it now. 

I'm afraid that my generation and generations that follow will have to deal with insane consequences that will result in many fatalities. Our world has started jogging towards the end of its life, and soon it will be running at full speed. It is time to take action. 

I know a lot of students, teachers, parents and friends who are appalled by the direction we've taken, and who understand that it is necessary to act at a speed that will save us from the worst impacts of climate change. 

I expect the elected government to understand global warming and to take risks to save our world, and our country.

Jenna Korzeniecki