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Former Greater Sudbury poet laureate releases new book, ‘Exosquelette

Chloé LaDuchesse’s first book was a finalist for the Trillium Book Awards
Chloé LaDuchesse. (File)

Past Greater Sudbury Poet Laureate Chloé LaDuchesse is releasing a new book of poetry on May 26 called “Exosquelette.”

LaDuchesse’s first book, “Furies,” published in 2017 by Mémoire d'encrier, was a finalist for the the Trillium Book Awards, honouring literary excellence in Ontario.

Exosquelette means Exoskeleton in English, and the author describes her body as a refuge as well as an “outil” or “tool” for mediating but also a way to express herself, to attach and to flee. In a release from the poet, she describes the exoskeleton as an “Appareil fixé sur le corps pour lui redonner sa mobilité.” Loosely translated, “A device attached to the body to give it back its mobility.”

LaDuchesse writes, “Sans les mots pour barder ma peau, je suis invisible. Ce que j’écris me révèle, devient mon exosquelette.” 

“Without words to clothe my skin, I am invisible. What I write reveals me, becomes my exoskeleton.”

Exosquelette, also published by Mémoire d'encrier, and will be available in print and digital format in bookstores on May 26.

The poet also offers an extract from the book:

au commencement il y a la jalousie

je veux que mon corps existe

sans sexe dans l’espace

mouvement ample le respect je veux

que l’idée de mon pouvoir


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