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Latitude 46 Publishing launches 3 new books the new-fashioned way during COVID-19

Kinmount, The Wintermen III and The Seventh Shot to be released this month
Latitude 46 Publishing is hosting three virtual book launches in October. (Supplied)

Sudbury publisher Latitude 46 Publishing has planned three unique virtual book launches this month.

Kinmount by Rod Carley

A highly-anticipated sophomore novel by Rod Carley takes readers on a hilarious ride to cottage country where a version of Romeo & Juliet is being staged despite dozens of reasons why it should not. Bestselling author Terry Fallis calls the book “funny, thoughtful, compelling and filled with humane insights about people and their passions.” Join the author on Oct. 17 for a night of entertaining readings and more than a few surprises.

The Wintermen III: At the End of the World by Brit Griffin

It’s been six years since the first Wintermen appeared in print. Now Brit Griffin has completed her trilogy with the release of The Wintermen III: At the End of the World, which Karen McBride, author of Crow Winter, calls, "a crucial reminder of our role in keeping the lands we love safe." McBride will be in conversation with Griffin on Oct. 25 about completing the trilogy, and what readers can look forward to in the future. 

The Seventh Shot: On the Trail of Canada’s 22-Calibre Killer by Ann Burke

While the world continues to adapt to the ever-changing environmental and social shifts around us, author Ann Burke delivers us a binge-worthy slice of Canadiana with The Seventh Shot, a highly detailed journey into Canadian serial killer Ronald West’s crimes, and the subsequent investigation, which draws eerie similarities to the Golden State killer. Join the author and guests, including OPP museum director Christine Johnstone as well as author Geordie Tefler, who will be interviewing the author on Oct. 22 about her obsession with a classmate who turned out to be one of Canada’s most gruesome murderers.

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