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Perception vs. reality: Sudbury-born singer-songwriter Mikoh's new single a commentary on social media age

'The cycle of false perception often leads to a misconstrued idea of what life is really about'

A Sudbury-born singer, songwriter and producer is doing away with the façade of social media in her newest alt-pop single, “La La Land.”

Mikoh, who is now based in Toronto, released the single accompanied by a new video on all major online music platforms this week.

“This song was written with the intention of commenting on how what we see on social media affects us in ways we might not understand. I wanted to talk about the online cultures that enable some to feel like they are unworthy,” said the French-Canadian artist.

“It’s also a commentary on the ‘fast life.’ The partying and surrounding yourself with people that are only around for clout. It’s an interesting space to be in, and although it can seem like fun, it usually comes at a price.

“These two situations affect the other, and the cycle of false perception often leads to a misconstrued idea of what life is really about – especially for young people that are heavily influenced by media.”

La La Land is Mikoh’s most recent single from her Strange Lullabies project. Decidedly dark and dramatic, the self-produced track is the fourth in line since her debut release “Bright Eyes” earlier this year.

It was engineered in collaboration with The Orange Lounge’s Anthony Jordan (Majid Jordan, Roy Woods, Pressa).

Classically trained, the artist’s growing archive of arrangements are rife with evocative, hypnotizing textures accompanied by the kind of reflective insights that can be best gleaned from the wake of a tumultuous coming-of-age experience.

“(The song) was written during a time where I realized that releasing music and being a part of that cycle as part of the job would mean I’d need to take some responsibility to protect an impressionable audience and be conscious of my output,” she said.

“I wanted to voice my opinion that, although the perception of others can seem beautiful and glamorous, it’s only superficial. There’s always more to someone’s life than it seems. Nothing is ever perfect, even if it seems like that.”

“La La Land” is available now on YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music.

For more information visit Mikoh’s social media at or on Instagram @mikoh.mikoh.

Colleen Romaniuk is a Local Journalism Initiative Reporter at the Sudbury Star. The Local Journalism Initiative is made possible through funding from the federal government.


About the Author: Colleen Romaniuk, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Colleen Romaniuk is a Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, a Government of Canada program, at the Sudbury Star.
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