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Sudbury author launching latest political thriller this month

Retired deputy fire chief Dave Wickenden has become a prolific writer
The book cover for Sudbury author Dave Wickenden’s latest book, “The Home Front.”

Sudbury author Dave Wickenden is launching his latest political thriller, “The Home Front.”

Cantankerous, old-fashioned, and stubborn as hell, Donald Wilson was the first American soldier to enter Dachau and has suffered with the horrors ever since. 

Now at 95, he grapples with a recent pancreatic cancer diagnosis and believes there is nothing left to live for.

When neo-Nazis fire-bomb synagogues in his Pennsylvania hometown, he finds he has one last

battle to fight. With only months left, the race is on, or the evil could rise again and plunge not only America, but the world back into the horrors of the Third Reich.

After 31 years in the Fire Service and attaining the rank of Deputy Fire Chief, Dave Wickenden retired to write full time. 

He has written four other thrillers, “In Defense of Innocence,” “Homegrown,” “Deadly Harvest,” and “Mad Dog.” 

He also has a young adult fantasy, “For Heaven’s Sake.” He is a member of the International Thriller Association, International Screenwriters Association, the Writers’ Union of Canada, the Crime Writers of Canada, and the Sudbury Writers’ Guild. He has adapted five novels for feature film.

The official launch date is Nov. 19, and will take place at the Sudbury Market at Science North 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

Signed copies of the book can be purchased at the Sudbury Market every Saturday until Christmas. Copies can also be purchased at Bays Used Books on Elm St, Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Nobles and Apple Books.