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Sudbury band Sea Perry's single used on TV series 'Shameless'

This isn't the first time one of the band's songs has been used by film and TV producers
A song by local band Sea Perry was used in an episode of the American television series “Shameless.” (Supplied)

A member of the local folk/rock band Sea Perry said hearing one of their singles used as background music during an episode of the American television series “Shameless” was a “surreal” experience.

The show, featuring an ensemble cast led by William H. Macy, depicts the dysfunctional family of Frank Gallagher, a single father raising six children in the south side of Chicago.

The Sea Perry song used on the show is entitled “Pressure,” and was released by the band in 2015. It was used in a scene in Episode No. 7 (entitled “Down Like the Titanic”) of Shameless' ninth season, airing Oct. 21.

Sea Perry bassist Shawn Fisher said he almost cringed during the show's airing, because when “Pressure” came on, it seemed like it was all he could hear — but that was probably because he knows the tune so well.

Fisher said the band uploads its music to a website called TuneCore, and a few Sea Perry songs have also caught the attention of film and television producers perusing the site in the past.

He said the band's music has also been used on a few MTV shows as well as a Netflix film called “Hoovey.” 

Fisher said when people hear music used in film and television productions, they assume it's by a hit band, but that's not always the case — it could have been written in your backyard by local musicians.

“This isn't like a thing where we're like we're going to be making tons of money now and doing all this stuff,” he said.

“But the takeaway from it is, hey, it kind of validates that maybe what we're doing is special. I think that's a positive thing.”

Sea Perry has released an EP entitled “Why the Folk Not?” and a full-length album entitled “Do What You Do.” Besides Fisher, the band's members are Chris Milligan, Chad Bouchard and Jason Hebert.

You can watch the music video for “Pressure” here, and you can learn more about the band on its Facebook page.