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'Very unique': ICAN resident's painting featured on Mayor Brian Bigger's holiday cards

'I paint with the seasons,' said Connie Metayer of her painting, which features children looking at night sky
Mayor Brian Bigger met with ICAN resident Connie Metayer to thank her for her painting, which will be the cover of his Christmas cards this year. (Arron Pickard/

Every year, Mayor Brian Bigger sends out thousands of Christmas cards across Greater Sudbury.

Those Christmas cards feature the talent of a local artist, and this year, he has chosen Connie Metayer.

She's a tenant at ICAN, or Independence Centre and Network, a Sudbury organization providing services for those with disabilities, including supportive housing and post-stroke transitioning.

“I thought (her painting) was very unique,” said Bigger. “I like the children just gazing into the sky in a winter landscape.”

Bigger said he enjoys finding different artists to feature, because it's a great way to share their work through the community. As artists, they want to share their craft with other people.

“We have lots of talented people in our community, and we're looking for opportunities to showcase that talent,” he said. 

Metayer suffered a stroke, but that hasn't slowed her down at all. She paints daily, and has been honing her craft for most of her life.

Why does she paint?

“It keeps me off the streets,” she said with a laugh.

She has about 100 works of art in her apartment.

For this particular painting, she said she had been frustrated and just started putting colours on the canvass, but was later approached by ICAN staff to have it considered for the Christmas cards.

Metayer is Jewish, and there is a Jewish element to the painting, but it also reflects Christmas and the winter solstice, she said.

The original painting will be hung in the mayor's office.

Metayer said she's now finishing up some fall paintings and will be moving on to winter landscapes.

“I paint with the seasons,” she said.


Arron Pickard

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