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Video: Getting my Canadian coworkers to try Korean snacks for the first time

I brought some Korean snacks to the office for my coworkers to try

If you didn’t know, I’m Korean - and no, I’m not North Korean. Just had to get that out of the way because I get asked frequently whether I’m from North or South Korea. 

I lived in South Korea for about three years in my youth in a city called Suwon (about an hour away from Seoul). 

While I was there, I pretty much had every single junk food under the sun. I remember spending all my allowance money on all the chips, drinks, and candy that I could find in the neighborhood grocery store. 

So, when I visited Ottawa over a long weekend, I went to a Korean grocery store to bring back some snacks for my coworkers to try. I was curious to see how my Canadian coworkers would react to the different flavour profiles. 

A lot of these snacks are goodies I used to enjoy as a kid, but some are definitely new ones that I’ve never tried before. I decided to get my hands on a whole box full of treats so that I could expose my coworkers to as many treats as I could. Unfortunately, not every snack reaction made the cut of the video - the video was already getting too long at two snacks and my editor is not a fan of longer videos (so you can go blame him for that). 

Now the office has an excess of leftover snacks, and we are slowly picking away at it. reporter Tyler Clarke is, of course, staying at least six feet away from anything spicy.

If you like the video and want to see more “Staff Tries” videos, please comment below what we should try next! 



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