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You can attend clown school in Sudbury this summer

No prior performance training is necessary
Jenny Hazelton, France Huot and Ethan Bleskie of One North Clown and Creation.

Located in Greater Sudbury, One North Clown and Creation provides performing arts training and creation tools anchored in the principles of Pochinko clown, which are taught and utilized to develop and expand the creative playgrounds of its participants.

One North follows in the footsteps of The Clown Farm on Manitoulin Island, and the work of its founder John Turner. The training can be applied on a personal or professional level to all forms of expression, artistic or otherwise. No performance training is necessary and we welcome all experiences of life from all over the world, 19+.

This summer 2023, the following workshops are being offered:

● The Mask and Clown Intensive (Baby Clown) with John Turner July 8 - 23, 2023: This 16-day workshop is an intense creative blast by which the students develop multiple masks, characters and a malleable structure for continued creative exploration and applications.

● Clown Boot Camp with John Turner July 25 - 30, 2023: This six-day workshop is perfect for those coming fresh out of The Mask and Clown Intensive (Baby Clown) or for those who seek to reacquaint themselves with the foundations of this style. The workshop will begin with an emphasis on exploration and creation but will move toward the development of pieces for performance.

The workshops will take place again this year on the campus of Thorneloe University. All participants will have immediate access to facilities such as shared kitchen and washrooms, and 2400 acres of lakes and wilderness to explore. Those from out of town may also elect to stay in a private room on site for a small fee. 

Professional artists looking for funding assistance to attend workshops and travel can apply through the Canada Council for the Arts Professional Development for Artists program available until Feb. 1, 2023, or equivalent provincial or municipal funding bodies. We are happy to provide confirmation letters for such applications. For more information, visit the Canada Council Website here.

One North Clown and Creation will also be expanding programming in August 2023. 

For detailed information about our workshops, residence, and fees, or if you would like to

subscribe, visit or email [email protected].


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