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12 Days of Kindness: A big surprise for a family whose daughter needs brain surgery

12-year-old Hailey Gauthier will undergo brain surgery just weeks before Christmas, watch as we help lift her spirits is launching this year's 12 Days of Kindness with an emotional surprise for a very special family. 

Twelve-year-old Hailey Gauthier said she wasn't looking forward to Christmas this year. 

That's because Hailey will undergo brain surgery to remove a tumour just two weeks before Christmas Day.

With a little help from a family friend and three generous partners, we surprised Hailey and her family at their home to help lift their spirits and ease a bit of their financial burden. 

Watch the video above to see what happened.

A special thank you to Best Buy for putting a smile on Hailey's face and thank you to the Silver Hotel Group and Bond Place Hotel for helping this family get through this trying time.

Join us at every weekday morning through to Dec. 22 as we surprise a deserving family, person or organization as part of our 12 Days of Kindness. 

Do you know someone who:

  • Is a quiet hero giving tirelessly of their time and energy to positively impact the well-being of the community?
  • Is making a profound impact through acts of courage, compassion, selflessness or sacrifice despite their own challenges?
  • Has been faced with a painful loss or faced multiple challenges?
  • Is experiencing financial hardships despite determined efforts to overcome them?
  • Has been diagnosed or living with a debilitating illness and requires assistance?

Nominate them to be a 12 Days of Kindness recipient at

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