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12 Days of Kindness: They've had a challenging year, so we're surprising the whole family

On the eleventh day of kindness we drop in on the family of a Sudbury boy with a rare genetic condition

Welcome back to another day of's 12 Days of Kindness supported by @homeEnergy.

Today we bring you the story of a Sudbury family who supports one another in order to get through life's challenging times.

Angela Draper is a single mom of three who goes above and beyond for her children.

Her youngest son Levi is two years old and was diagnosed with a complex genetic condition called Prader Willi Syndrome (PWS).

Since his diagnosis, Levi and his mom have had to make several trips to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto for tests and treatments.

During their most recent visit, Levi had surgery for his severe scoliosis and is now in a body cast which he will need to wear for a minimum of one year.

Angela’s friend Melissa wants Angela to know that she is a great mom and is deserving of recognition for the countless efforts she puts in for her children in their time of need.

So with help from Angela’s twin sister Andrea and HQ Mortgages, we are visiting the family today to deliver some additional support this holiday season.

Be sure to join us again tomorrow morning on for the final day of the 12 Days of Kindness.

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