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20 kilometres of concrete: Vale's Clean AER project by the numbers

How much pipe, concrete and steel? Check it out 
Work on the Clean AER project at Vale’s Copper Cliff Smelter Complex is complete. Two new smokestacks (highlighted in green) will replace the Superstack, which will be decommissioned starting in 2020. (Vale photo)

It cost about $1 billion to complete the Clean AER project. 

But what does that really mean in terms of the materials that went into completing a project that is so enormous?

Here's what that money bought: 

  • 20.6 kilometres of concrete
  • 12.5 kilometres of piling
  • 27 kilometres of pipe
  • 6,636 tons of steel
  • 198 kilmetres of cable
  • 128 contracts
  • 3,505 pieces of equipment

Check out the video of today's celebration marking the end of the Clean AER construction project.


Arron Pickard

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